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Salmonella Food Poisoning

Salmonella Food Poisoning

Salmonella is one of the leading causes of food poisoningAccording to the center for disease control Salmonella, “ is a bacterial disease caused by the bacterium Salmonella. Most people have diarrhea, fever, and stomach pain that start 1 to 3 days after they get infected. These symptoms usually go away after 1 week. Sometimes, people have to see a health care provider or go to the hospital because the diarrhea is severe or the infection has spread from the intestines to the blood stream, and then to other body sites.”

To prevent Salmonella poisoning, it is important to practice good hygiene and food handling practices. Always wash your hands with warm water and soap after handling animals, and before preparing or touching food. Always keep meat separate from other foods. When meats touch foods that aren’t meat, this is called cross contamination. The leading places for cross contamination are in the refrigerator, and in the grocery store. When you cook meat, cook it to the proper temperature. You should cook foods to an internal temperature of 160 degrees to kill germs.

Salmonella is found on reptiles, poultry, and in the digestive systems of animals and humans. Wash your hands after handling animals and after you use the restroom or touch fecal matter.  Also don’t kiss your reptile pets, you can get really sick from it with salmonella poisoning. Salmonella gives you really bad diahrrea, and vomitting. If it spreads to your blood it can kill you. It’s just not worth risking your life over kissing a snake or turtle.

You should also wash all eggs that are handled before you crack them open. Often people collect eggs then immediately eat them, this increases your chances for salmonella poisoning. The chickens often have fecal matter on their feathers when they lay the eggs, and considering where the eggs actually come from. It is to no surprise that the eggs have germs on them such as salmonella. A lot of people don’t wash their eggs because they last longer if they don’t. Here is a trick to making your eggs last longer with out making yourself sick. Wash the eggs with warm water and soap, then dip them in oil. It works the same, and your eggs then wont make you sick.

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