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Injuries to Children

Injuries to Children

So being a parent and worrying about your children is something that naturally occurs. You constantly worry about your children getting hurt and injured, and often worry about the fatality of their injuries. In researching I found that the leading causes of fatal injuries to children are accidental. The number one killer of children is car accidents. I also found that in the Center for Disease Controls studies, that 85% of children are in excellent to good health. I also learned that the leading cause of death in children who are under the age of one is accidental suffocation, and unknown caused homicide. I found the homicide part to be disturbing. The other age groups car accidents were the highest ranked for fatal injuries. Non- fatal injuries that result in an Emergency room visit were accidents that happened on public playgrounds. Particularly climbing equipment and girls had a fifty five percent higher chance of suffering an injury in a playground accident than boys according to the Department of health state of Florida, “For children ages 14 and younger, playground-related falls are the leading cause of emergency department visits. About 45% of playground-related falls are severe including fractures, internal injuries, concussion, dislocations, and amputations. The majority (~75%) of nonfatal injuries related to playground equipment occur on public playgrounds, including schools and child care centers. The majority of injuries on public playgrounds occur on climbing equipment. On home playgrounds, swings are responsible for most injuries. While all children are at risk, girls sustain injuries (55%) slightly more often than boys (45%). Children ages 5 to 9 have higher rates of emergency department visits for playground injuries than any other age group.”

The leading cause for natural injuries causing death among young children is related to cancer, and genetic illnesses and malformations. The chances of a child dieing from cancer and genetic problems is higher than an unintentional accident. In general the most disturbing statistics I found were that one of the leading causes of children to have received fatal injuries from are car accidents.

About Sarah Brooks

I am a twenty eight year old mother. I grew up in a family of doctors and nurses. Being a mother has educated me about many health concerns. I know many tricks about being a mother. I also am a wife to a 65 year old vietnam vet who is 100% disabled w/ cancer. I care for him and also have learned a lot in the process.
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