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Valuable skin care tips

Valuable skin care tips

Your age is not defined by your birth certificate, your maturity or your weight; it is defined by the condition of your skin. No matter how young you are, when those wrinkles start to grow on your face people already consider you as an aging individual. You skin is one of the most valuable parts of your body as your beauty can be dependent on it. Here are some valuable skin care tips which can help you bring back the child like glow on your skin:

1.       Sleep on your back

Sleeping on a prone position or sleeping at your sides can make you prone to having marks and creases on your facial skin. This is especially true when you sleep for longer periods of time, so it is advisable that you sleep on your back instead.

2.       Wash your face before you sleep

Never forget to your skin, especially your face before you sleep. Even if you didn’t put some make-up on, you have to cleanse your face because of the dust particles that may come in contact with your skin when you go out.

3.       Too much washing is bad

Washing your face more than twice a day, removes the natural moisture from your skin. If you realize that your skin is getting drier, limit the number of times you wash your skin with soap.

4.       Do not squeeze your zits

Keep your hands away from your face. Consider your face as a red zone whenever you see zits growing on it. Squeezing your pimples only spreads the bacteria to other parts of your skin and can make your face more infected.

 5.       Water may be ineffective

No matter how many glasses of water you drink, it may be more than the recommended 8 glasses; you will not be able to hydrate your skin if you are on a hot and humid environment. The temperature of the environment you are in will always affect the hydration your skin will get.


About Ria Brillante

Ria Brillante is a freelance Filipino writer in the health and fitness niche. She has been practicing pediatric nursing since 2009. Currently, she is the co-founder of One Drop One Hope, a blood donation program for the benefit of the kids with cancer in the Philippines. She enjoys boxing and surfing as her fitness activities during her free time.
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